Dragoon-Gold for hosts

Laura Farese (UYCNs) und Stefania Wech (UYCNf) am Weg zu Gold!
Laura Farese (UYCNs) und Stefania Wech (UYCNf) am Weg zu Gold!

Thanks to Laura Farese and Stefania Wech, that the 2016 Hobie Multieruopeans continue to be a success for the hosts from Austria. The two girls took gold in the dragoon class, right infront of the boys team Clayessens/Brems from Belgium. On places three and four with Adrian Tudosze/Christoph Wech and Bibiane Jäger/Clara Petschel two more Austrian teams finished the series on top places.

Two more classes finished their competition today. In the Hobie 14 the Germains dominated the fleet. Friedhelm Weller winning gold with unbelievable 18 points ahead of Austrians Wolfgang Klampfer. Klampfer secured the third medal for the host nation. Third place went to the Hobie 14 newcomer Andy Deansdale. The president of the European Hobie Cat Association showed an impressive debut in the single handed Hobie, on the last racing day he even could win one race. From tomorrow on he will compete in the Hobie wildcate together with his helmsman Stefan Vogel.

Last but not least also the Hobie 16 Youth Spi Cup came to its end. It was a very tough finish for the top places. With same points but three races won instead of “only” two Arthur Boc-Ho/Chaveau Thibault took gold right before Gianluigi Ugolini with Maria Giubeilei. Tymoteusz Cierzan and Oskar Niemira from Poland sailed to bronze.

On the other race course meanwhile the Hobie 16 sailed their qualification series for the finals starting tomorrow. 64 teams will go into the gold final. All in all 13 boats from Austria will race in the gold group with best chances for a top place Tippelt/Sindelar and Kitzmüller/Kitzmüller. After showing excellent form in the Hobie 16 Spi Cup from Saturday to Sunday and winning the worlds in China a few weeks ago Daniel Bjornholt with Josefine Frederiksen surely is one of the favorites. Strongly attacked by the winner of the Spi Cup here in Neusiedl, his brother Nicolaj Bjornholt.