Check-In Procedure

Check-In Procedure

Upon arrival please leave boat trailer in the “Rigging Area” and your car at the local parking area in front of the lido. After rigging and parking your boat in the designated area, please go to the regatta office which is located inside the Federal Training Hub on the first floor to finalize your entry to the
EUROSAF-Youths 2016. Here you will get all the information you’ll need during your stay. Rigging must be completed in a maximum time of 2 hours. 

Documents you need for registration:

Proof of insurance 
Boat certificate

Please note:

  • For arrivals between 8pm and 9am, please park your car and boat trailer at the local parking area in front of the lido. 
  • Trailer-Parking is only permitted at the camping area - 5 minutes away from the event location by car.
  • In the registration office you can receive your entrance pass, which allows you a free entrance to the main lido (valid from August 13th, 2016 until July 21th, 2016). 
  • We would like to advise you to tie your boat to the ground overnight.
  • There are no dogs allowed in the area of the main lido.